Saturday, December 17, 2011

[YU-GI-OH!] Card Of The Day #21 – Creeping Darkness

Creeping Darkness
Normal Spell Card

Banish 2 DARK monsters in your Graveyard; add 1 Level 4 DARK monster from your Deck to your hand.

Creeping Darkness has “abuse me” written all over it. When I think of this card the first thing that comes to mind is the last time we card like this. Remember back in the Return DAD format when we got Dark Armed Dragon and Allure Of Darkness? And even after the ban list stripped the deck of its win condition it was still a tier zero deck. Well I could see the same thing happening with this card since Dark support cards always lead to broken plays. Almost every top Dark based deck ever played abused two things, Banishing Monsters and searching your deck for more Monsters which this does both. Creeping Darkness can search into most of the Monsters that those decks played such as Strike Ninja, Prometheus, King Of The Shadows, Dark Grepher, and Armageddon Knight. This also would give you another way to abuse cards like Dimension Fusion and Return From A Different Dimension.

And even if you aren’t using it to make some broken plays there is still a great toolbox of Dark Monsters to search into. Some great examples of these are Doomcaliber Knight, Breaker The Magical Warrior, and Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer giving you control over Monsters, Spell and Trap cards and the Graveyard all with one card, Creeping Darkness. Also there are a number or Dark based decks that can use it to search into the cards they already play to add more consistency to the deck. Two great examples of this would be Blackwings and Destiny Heros since both play a number of Dark Level four Monsters that they want to search into and can easily get Dark Monsters in the Graveyard for them to Banish. One more deck that can utilize it to an extent would be Gravekeepers since they also play a number of Dark Level four Monsters but playing Creeping Darkness would most likely require you didn’t play Necrovalley, so that is probably a deal breaker since Necrovalley is a key card in the deck.

Final Verdict:
There are many more cards than the ones that I mentioned that this can search into and I’m sure that once this comes out more ways to abuse it will come to light.

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