Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Perfecting Blackwings - 35

Creeping Darkness
Normal Spell
Banish 2 DARK monsters in your Graveyard; add 1 Level 4 DARK monster from your Deck to your hand.

This is a great card for Blackwings. Since Black Whirlwind was limited the deck has really been lacking in consistency and was forced to really rely on Pot Of Duality just to fix its bad hands. One of the biggest problems the deck had in the past was its reliance on Level four Monsters and its inability to get them since your best early game Monsters are Level four and you need them to set up your late game, between getting a target for your Blackwing – Blizzard The Far North or getting a Blackwing – Vayu The Emblem Of Honor into the grave with your Blackwing – Shura The Blue Flame. With this the deck no longer needs to play a lot of the “filler” cards that it has been forced to play in the past. Now you can cut cards like Blackwing – Sirocco The Dawn and a Blackwing – Bora The Spear or two even. This card also opens up the possibility for some other new cards in the deck, such as Tour Guide From The Underworld and Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter. With Tour Guide From The Underworld you can search our your Sangan and then when they die you can get your Blackwing – Kalut The Moon Shadow or Blackwing Blizzard The Far North and then play Creeping Darkness searching into your Blackwing – Shura The Blue Flame and from there you just go on like you usually would in the deck. And with Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter it can simply set up your grave with Darks for your Creeping Darkness and Dark Armed Dragon, set up your Blackwing – Blizzard The Far North and Blackwing – Vayu The Emblem Of Honor plays all the while getting rid of your opponents set cards so you can make your plays with out worrying about interruption. Another interesting choice would be Dark Grepher, not only can Creeping Darkness search Dark Grepher but also you can set Creeping Darkness up with Dark Grepher. Needless to say this card is just what Blackwings needed to get back into the game. It will make the deck much needed consistency and enable it to be much faster.

Royal Prison
Continuous Trap
While this card is face-up on the field, neither player can Special Summon monsters from the Graveyard.

I was upset and confused when Royal Oppression was Forbidden, but now I get it. This is basically a nerfed version of Royal Oppression so the card is less annoying. Instead of stopping all Special Summons it just stops the ones from the Graveyard. So you can still Synchro Summon or use Inherent Special Summons. So what does this mean for Blackwings? Well now you can basically play three Royal Oppressions in your deck, the only cards in your deck that this stops would be your Monster Reborn and your Blackwing – Blizzard The Far North which Royal Oppression used to stop too. So now you have a Royal Oppression that you can play around much easier and has no Life Point cost.

Black Sonic
Normal Trap
Activate only when an opponent's monster declares an attack while you control a face-up "Blackwing" monster. Remove from play all Attack Position monsters your opponent controls.

Basically super Dimensional Prison, not much else to say about it. Not sure if I would play it but its worth mentioning.

Blackwing – Kris the Remaining Night
Dark Winged Beast Effect Monster
Level four
If you control a "Blackwing" monster, you can Special Summon this card from your hand. This card cannot be destroyed by the effects of Spell/Trap Cards.

Like Creeping Darkness this is another one of those cards that Blackwing has really been needing. As I said before Blackwings really rely on Level four Monsters for their early and late game plays. And this is a spectacular Level four. They can’t Bottomless Trap Hole it or use any other removal on it aside from Dimensional Prison meaning that you can summon this and unless they have Solemn Warning or Solemn Judgment they can’t stop you from searching with Black Whirlwind and at 1900 Attack that is perfect since it will let you search out your Blackwing – Shura The Blue Flame. This is the perfect replacement for Blackwing – Sirocco The Dawn and Blackwing – Bora The Spear in the deck.

Blackwing – Gram The Shining Star
Dark Winged Beast Synchro
Level five

And once more another card Blackwings have been needing. This will give you’re a perfect opening play in the deck. Normal Summon Blackwing – Shura The Blue Flame, use its Effect to Special Summon Blackwing – Vayu The Emblem Of Honor, Synchro them for Blackwing – Gram The Shining Star (Blackwing – Vayu The Emblem Of Honor being negated by Blackwing – Shura The Blue Flame’s Effect), and when Blackwing – Gram The Shining Star dies you can Banish Blackwing – Gram The Shining Star and Blackwing – Vayu The Emblem Of Honor from the game to Special Summon Blackwing Armed Wing. This is a very powerful play, much better than making a Magical Android or T.G. Hyper Librarian and passing.

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Wanspell said...

The Blackwing Tamers are also worth noting. The effects they've had so far seem like very nice additions to the archetype.