Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Card Of The Day #3 – Shard Of Greed

Shard Of Greed
Continuous Spell Card

Each time you draw a card(s) for your normal draw in your Draw Phase, place 1 Greed Counter on this card. You can send this card with 2 or more Greed Counters to the Graveyard; draw 2 cards.

Shard Of Greed is an interesting card to say the least. This, like Rescue Rabbit, is a remake of an old forbidden card. In this case the forbidden card that this mimics is Pot Of Greed. Unfortunately Shard Of Greed has two big drawbacks, one you have to wait two turns to get its effect and two it’s a Continuous Spell Card. This means you have to be able to keep it on the board and protect it for two turns and that can be very hard especially with Heavy Storm limited and Mystical Space Typhoon unlimited. On top of that it is a very face paced metagame so in the span of two turns the game can change a lot and by then that wait you had for the draw could have killed you. That being said not a lot of decks can utilize this card effectively. It is far to slow and vulnerable to removal in combo and aggressive decks since they don’t have much to protect it and they really can’t wait two turns for the cards. This card is much better suited in control based decks since they function better in a slowed down game and they will probably already be playing cards that protect their Spell and Trap cards such as Starlight Road or Dark Bribe. One deck that this really shines in would be Herald Of Perfection and Counter Fairy decks since Herald Of Perfection can negate anything that would threaten Shard Of Greed and the Counter Fairy decks have Counter Traps for every situation, especially protecting their Spell and Trap cards.

Final Verdict:
While getting to draw two cards for one card is nice, having to wait two turns isn’t. If it was a Normal Spell that you just had to wait two turns like Gold Sarcophagus I could see this card seeing a lot of play. But the fact that it says on the field where your opponent can destroy it with basic removal makes this card far to vulnerable to be played in the main stream. For now this card will have to take its place as another gimmicky secret rare.

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Anonymous said...

Whilst I partially agree, Shard of greed actually benefits from being a Continuous Spell - It baits out MSTs and other s/t destruction. Your opponent either destroys this card and leaves your defensive traps untouched or doesn\t destroy this card and lets you draw 2. Whilst Pot of Duality is probably better in most decks, this does have potential, if people could find space, as it's an excellent decoy.