Thursday, November 24, 2011

Card Of The Day #4 – D-Boyz

Dark / Fiend / Effect Monster
Level One
ATK: 100 DEF: 1000

FLIP: You can Special Summon any number of "D-Boyz" from your Deck in face-up Attack Position, then you take 1000 damage for each monster Special Summoned by this effect.

D-Boyz is another interesting Secret Rare from Photon Shockwave. D-Boyz is one of the more under rated cards from Photon Shockwave and I really think it will be a big sleeper hitter from the pack. Remember how good Super-Nimble Mega Hamster was? And that only got you one card, this gets you two and they are of the same level and on top of that they come in face up so it is a much more aggressive play. At worst D-Boyz will be attacked and destroyed and you will only get to have two on the board that you can XYZ Summon with but at best they leave it alone and you can Flip Summon it yourself and have three on your board to XYZ Summon with. Unfortunately there aren’t many good Rank One Monsters to chose from right now, the only cards that you have access to are Number 83: Galaxy Queen, Baby Tiragon and in the OCG Number 56: Goldrat and Super Star Mira. None of these Rank One Monsters are especially good, definitely not good enough to dedicate your deck to spamming Level One Monsters to XYZ Summon with.

Some more obscure cards to use with this card would be Obelisk The Tormentor, Raviel, Lord Of Phantasms, and Destiny HERO – Plasma since all three of them require you Tribute three Monsters to Summon them. And one last obscure card to use with this would be Treaty On Uniform Nomenclature, not a card I would recommend using exactly but it sure would be funny to get this off on your opponent.

Final Verdict:
I think this card has a ton of potential in the future. As soon as some good Rank One XYZ’s come out Expect to see this go up in play just like how Gravekeeper’s Spy did once Dark Strike Fighter and X-Saber Airbellum came out making the Synchro Cat deck viable.

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